கேட்ட வரம் தரும் கோட்டாறு புனித சவேரியாரின் பேராலயம்

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Saint Francis Xavier's Cathedral is located in Kottar, which is now a suburb of Nagercoil. It is one of the oldest churches in Tamil Nadu and a very famous pilgrimage center. People from all over India come to worship at the cathedral, regardless of caste, creed, language, or religion.

The favours granted by Saint Xavier at this church are so powerful that his devotees have given him the nickname "Ketta Varam Tharum Kottaaru Saveriar" meaning "Saint Xavier of Kottar, the Grantor of all Favours".

According to records, St. Xavier was canonized and achieved sainthood in 1622. However, the Church was dedicated to him in 1605. Therefore, the St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral at Kottar is the first one in the world to be dedicated to St. Xavier.

St.Xavier's Cathedral Church


St.Xavier's Cathedral, Kottar,

Nagercoil- 629002

+91 4652 296 010

School St.Xavier's Primary School

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